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3 Reasons I Love Reusable Coffee Cups

By :Simon Wynne 0 comments
3 Reasons I Love Reusable Coffee Cups

What is there love about Coffee? The list is endless, however let's focus on what we don't love, its been reported that every half hour Australians throw out 50,000 coffee cups. This means that one million coffee cups get thrown out every day.

The solution? Keep cups are increasingly becoming a popular choice for coffee lovers to enjoy their morning brew, if you haven't already done so, here are 3 quick reasons for you to make the switch today.

1. Great for the environment

Why are we in a place where single use cups have become such a big concern? A single-use cup holds 6 to 12 ounces of coffee and depending on the size, all of which likely end up in the bin (as unfortunately recycling does not always work out as planned). By switching to a reusable cup you are supporting a sustainable future for our planet, as every time you buy your favourite brew you save that extra cup going in the landfill. Feel good yet? Thats not all...

2. Good for the wallet

Another great reason for choosing a reusable cup is financial, based on cost and durability. Reusable cups can start from as little as $12! Your local cafe is likely to offer a small discount of 5% (and if they don't, ask them why not) for bringing your own, a small investment that pay for itself over many times over for the avid coffee fan.

3. They look cool!

Coffee is an experience in taste, aroma and sight. Reusable keep cups come in a variety of colours, shapes and sizes making it easy to match the beans in your cup with the mood, season or company you are with.

So if you are a lover of coffee, do something the planet and your wallet will thank you if you and bring your favourite mug or reusable cup to your local cafe today, doing the right thing has never felt or tasted so good.

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