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Popaya Decaf


DESFAECOL decaffeinates the Popayan Sugarcane Decaf in Caldas after it has been milled by some of the region's small farmers. The coffee comes from the growers first as parchment before it is milled in Popayan.  It produces less ethyl acetate than the ethyl acetate found in ripe bananas, and any residue that remains during roasting evaporates.  As a result, the coffee retains more flavour than other methods because the EA process extracts caffeine without harmful heat or excessive pressure.

Shadow Boxer


Shadow Boxer is a blend of Brazil and Papua New Guinea. A rich toffee and raspberry flavour lead to a lingering chocolate finish. Shadow Boxer delivers bold flavours, great crema, and is a must-have for coffee lovers, whether you drink their coffee black or with milk. With our blend of Shadow Boxer, you get rich, sweet, and full-bodied flavours that awaken you every morning.

Street Fighter


Street Fighter delivers an irresistibly sweet one-two punch of washed and natural coffee. Whether white or black, Street Fighter has a rush of flavour.Natural process coffees have an uncompromising fruit power, while washed coffees have a juicy body and tart body. Street Fighter is a combination of Guatemalan and Honduran brews with notes of blueberry, coconut, and orange, and is...